Trace & Texture: Glasspainting for Artists


Students will learn how to mix, thin, and apply kiln-fired lead-free paints with an inexpensive, non-toxic food additive, plus techniques that enable lively, expressive trace-lines, printed effects using lace, plastic and rubber tools, and how to create faux textures such as stone, wood, fur and fabric. This workshop comprises mostly group exercises with specific instruction on a variety of traditional and innovative methods of painting, including those impossible to achieve with water-gum based mediums.

This class is open to all levels, including those who have never painted glass before. My techniques make it easy to achieve beautiful results, even for beginners. Experienced glasspainters who want to gain greater ease and fluency of glasspainting, or develop a personal style are also welcome.

Attendance in this workshop includes an optional 60 min one-on-one tutorial. This is an opportunity to get specific feedback about your own work; solve a particular glasspainting problem; book a technical session on color/glass selection, specific cutting techniques, etc. ; or learn about any art-related topic. Tutorials are scheduled outside of regular class hours.

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